Thank you thank you thank you thank you! To everyone who contributed, tweeted, wrote about us, lit a candle for us, and even those who wished us no particular ill will. Thank you! Our Indiegogo campaign was successful, so it’s time to start slingin’ some ‘dos!

We sold 151 Mods, 12 Dilduinos, a whole bunch of sensor packs, printed T shirts, snow crash kits, and homeless dildos to people in 18 different countries. The United States led the way by contributions, followed by Germany, Netherlands, Canada, UK, and Switzerland. We also secured some outside funding to help us along our way!

We’re super excited not only to start getting the Mod¬†produced, but also see what kind of crazy sexy cool things you come up with! We’ll continue to post updates as we have them, and if you contributed you’ll be hearing from us soon as well so we can touch base.


Craig, Melanie, Paul, and Andy @ Comingle

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