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Here’s some of our Utility codes for diagnosing and using current and upcoming devices.

(Initial Tests of Codebender Embedding)



If you want to just make sure your Lilypad Arduino is correctly outputting on all its output ports.

 Electric Eel Sample Code

Simple codes to get the Electric Eel up and running

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Comingle works to develop DIY open-source sex technology. Our goal is to document and share designs for hacking existing devices as well as providing parts and kits for building new forms of sex toys. The mission of our work is to promote sexual empowerment through physical computing, education, and outreach.
Technologically, we focus on developing:

  • novel, embodied means of interaction
  • new modes of stimulation, and
  • methods for safely building and modding sex toys yourself.

Currently we are in our initial phase of research and development. We are developing new types of devices as well as holding workshops for evaluation and outreach. If you would like to know more about our endeavors at this early stage, please contact us at: info|at|, or subscribe to our mailing list!