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Zildos came from an effort to figure out the quickest, easiest way to make and customize a personal vibrator. These can be seen as the other end of the DIY spectrum from Comingle’s Mod which is incredibly powerful, but has a much more sophisticated build process. The Zildo is like a self-published guerilla Zine of sex toys- You have full control of making this fun thing however you want. It is meant to be cheap and easy to make like the LED-throwie of personal massagers.

With a Zildo, you can be ready for a relaxing time in just about 10 minutes using only some thermoplastic, a vibration motor, and a coin cell battery.

These make for good, homebrew bulletvibes and can add vibration to non-vibrating dildos!

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Thank you thank you thank you thank you! To everyone who contributed, tweeted, wrote about us, lit a candle for us, and even those who wished us no particular ill will. Thank you! Our Indiegogo campaign was successful, so it’s time to start slingin’ some ‘dos!

We sold 151 Mods, 12 Dilduinos, a whole bunch of sensor packs, printed T shirts, snow crash kits, and homeless dildos to people in 18 different countries. The United States led the way by contributions, followed by Germany, Netherlands, Canada, UK, and Switzerland. We also secured some outside funding to help us along our way!

We’re super excited not only to start getting the Mod produced, but also see what kind of crazy sexy cool things you come up with! We’ll continue to post updates as we have them, and if you contributed you’ll be hearing from us soon as well so we can touch base.


Craig, Melanie, Paul, and Andy @ Comingle


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In this example we show you how to control your Mod dildo with you or your partner’s mind**! The Muse Brain Sensing Headband allows for some seriously sexy experimentation, -and the setup is super easy! By following just three simple steps in this how-to article, your dildo can respond to: blinking, jaw clenching, and excitement levels! This intriguing development not only opens the door to new funky play between sexual partners, but also possesses the potential in being a supplementary aid to those with non-standard bodies.

This example gives a full working path from Muse’s Headband, to the Muse SDK, to Processing (via OSC), to Arduino. It’s a great example for people making projects that want to have any of those connections!
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Glow in the Dark Dildos!

So you mastered making your own dildo at home by reading our how-to article, but now you wish to make another beautiful dildo with a vibrant and steady glow?? Our shared sentiment exactly ;) ! After mastering the pouring of such sexy silicone forms overtime, the Comingle crew decided to explore an additional aesthetic quality with these forms by making them GLOW!!! Read the simple steps below to make your DIY dildo glow! :)


Shining a UV laser at the glowing material lets you write directly on the glow-dongs!

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Over halfway through!

Hi folks! Our Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign has 2 weeks to go and we still need your support! We’re just over the halfway point.

If you’ve been meaning to contribute, but think a programmable dildo might be intimidating, we have a new video showing how easy it is to change software on your Mod. We hook up a joystick and then switch a heartrate monitor with just a few clicks.

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Wii on one end, USB on the other

Preliminary Nunchuck adapters for our Hacker Port. Unlike some of the other adapters out there, these use the real Nunchuck connector, keeping your Nunchuck held snugly and preventing it from being connected incorrectly.

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It’s a simple headband that makes you see crazy flashing, mutating light patterns! It also seems to make you feel energetic or calm depending on the frequency.

Passing High-Voltage, Low-Current electricity through your forehead to give yourself a private light-show has never been easier. It’s cheap, and not that hard to make. In fact, if you have one of our Mod personal massagers or a dilduino board, you hook this setup directly to it and let yourself be internally massaged with vibrations that sync up to crazy light patterns in your eyes!

Let us show you how to do this! If you follow our steps, you will have an awesome device for seeing crazy visuals and potentially changing your mood, as well as a DIY Tens-unit for stimulating your nerves!

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